The Catch

Written by Fiona Sampson

catch largeThe wait is over! I’m really excited that my new collection, The Catch, is published today. Thank you so much to everyone who’s played a part in making it happen.

I’ve have to admit I’ve really loved writing this collection. I keep wanting to push at boundaries – of feeling, of consciousness, of form. In The Catch I’ve been exploring a sense that breath is fundamental to poetry.  Most of the poems are a single sentence, shaped by a push-me-pull-you rhythm of line-breaks and stanza-breaks.

And I’m fascinated by the transformational movement between experience and history, experience and myth. This book is full of the time I’ve spent in France over the last year, where I’ve been overwhelmed by the richness of the natural environment – and by happiness, that most difficult of all experiences to evoke.

Is there anything more thrilling than finding new ways of doing things? For me this book represents a real process of searching and in some senses finding such ways. A “catch” is an old word for a round-song, one that keeps on going, and which you can join if you want to…

Thank you again to everyone who has helped with The Catch.  For more information and to get a copy go here

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