Ukraine Interviews

Written by Fiona Sampson

1I’ve just been sent a pdfs of my interview in Kriana (at left) and in SHO Magazine in Ukraine, conducted while I was there back in October. So terrific to see poetry treated with such seriousness! The interview took place in a cafe/bookshop in Kiev which has been a meeting place for poets and activists for many years. You really had a sense that Kiev is a place where literature is a vital part of the culture – Kriana is the main mass market magazine of Ukraine, while SHO, which is a straight cultural journal, has a circulation in the tens of thousands – and it’s just one in a competitive field. A great reminder of my wonderful trip to launch the Ukranian translation of my poems, Marevo. You can read the article in SHO here, depending on your grasp of Cyrillic! chitat_FIONA_copy

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