Lyric Cousins, out now

Written by Fiona Sampson

lyric-cousinsThere’s a running joke in my house that I have always published 27 books, no matter how many more I write. It just feels like a good number, and works well when being introduced. I’m not sure what the next euphonious number is – 31? 33? 46? Obviously 27 will have to absorb a few new books before I make the leap…

So, I am happy to announce that my fifth (or sixth?) 27th book is out today – Lyric Cousins – which investigates the relationship between music and poetry at the deepest level – how each form shapes the other in a dialogue that is as old as Homer. Having made a career in both, it was a pleasure for me to investigate the similarities and differences between these two most complex, most challenging, and most rewarding of art forms.

For more details, go here.

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