First Review of The Catch

Written by Fiona Sampson
The Catch

The Catch

With The Catch coming out on February 4, I am very excited to see a first review by Kim Moore. Kim – who won a New Writing North Award in 2014, and Eric Gregory Award in 2011, and whose first collection, The Art of Falling came out in 2015 – looks in detail at my poem ‘At Bleddfa’. As she points out, the poem explores the formal concerns that are at the heart of The Catch – the notion of ‘the breath’ as the fundamental unit of poetry. In The Catch, I attempt to use this idea to create works that are moved by thought, rather than constrained by¬†punctuation. I believe it is my most challenging ¬†work to date, and can’t wait to see it out in the world.

Details of various launches will appear on this site over the coming days; meanwhile, Kim’s review is here.

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